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Why Brookfield Speech And Language

At Brookfield Speech and Language, we will not skip the important step of diagnostic testing to come up with a differential diagnosis. This is critical so that therapy is appropriate and focussed. We are known for our detailed and thorough reports. Although we are known for the services we provide to pediatric and teen populations, we are capable of and committed to serving all age groups and hope to have the opportunity to expand our assistance to adults. At our office you will find:

Experienced Professionals

Our staff are all ASHA certified, highly trained and experienced professionals. We attend a multitude of continuing education training courses each year to continue to bring new innovations to the office. We are dedicated to improving the lives of our clients and their families by using an integrative approach to build bridges for communication.

Family Centered Approach

Therapy should not be conducted in a vacuum. We strongly believe that parents/caregivers are vital “team members” during the therapy process and should understand how to facilitate better speech and language in a functional manner throughout each day. We advocate for individualized treatment planning because every person is unique with special needs. As such, therapy sessions should be tailored to meet those needs of client and family/caregivers.

Private Lessons or Small Groups

Most individuals demonstrate faster gains when working in a 1:1 situation. This is particularly true when working on speech sound development. It is necessary when working on oral-motor skills and speech subsystems. Receptive and expressive language, fluency, and social skills can be addressed individually and in small groups. In fact, group work is highly recommended for developing social thinking as well as emotional support for stuttering.

Intensive Lessons

Less is not more when it comes to speech therapy. Most lessons are 45 minutes long for optimal effectiveness. While most individuals are seen 1-2 times per week, some require more consistent delivery of services, and for a longer period of time. Some of our clients are able to exit in a number of weeks. Parents, as part of the team, are expected to follow up and work with their children at home. This is the only way that generalization of learned skills is going to occur.

About Brookfield Speech and Language

Brookfield Speech and Language, LLC is an established speech-language pathology practice servicing Fairfield, Litchfield, Putnam, and Westchester counties. A full service practice, we are able to meet the needs of all ages. We specialize in treating motor sound disorders using an oral-motor approach that targets the subsystems of speech production (i.e. Respiration, Resonation, Phonation, Articulation, and Prosody) as well as techniques to facilitate motor planning and organization. In addition, Dori specializes in dysphagia (feeding disorders) diagnosis and treatment.
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We excel at providing comprehensive, in-depth evaluations and individualizing therapy and treatment programs for clients of all ages with varied speech and language needs.
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