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Brookfield Speech & Language

About Us

Brookfield Speech and Language, LLC is an established speech-language pathology practice servicing the greater Danbury area and beyond. Our mission is to improve the lives of children, teens and adults with communication and feeding difficulties to the greatest extent possible. Communication can be interrupted for a host of reasons including difficulties with understanding language, faulty expressive language, articulation disorders, apraxia, voice problems, stuttering, auditory processing difficulties, hearing impairment, structural deviations such as cleft lip or palate, foreign accent, problems arising from a traumatic brain injury or stroke, poor social skills and sensory integration dysfunction, to name a few.

We are passionate about effects of dysphagia in both pediatric and adult populations.  Feeding disorders in children can result from negative experiences with food causes by inappropriate parent-child interactions, prematurity, failure to thrive, sensory deficits, oral-motor dysfunction, food sensitivities or allergy, anatomical abnormalities, muscular disorders, health issues (heart disease, metabolic disease, disorders of the central nervous system, respiratory difficulties, or gastrointestinal diseases), medications, low muscle tone, etc. and the resulting emotional and behavior management issues that further the problem. In adults, swallowing issues can result from an overall cognitive decline, dementia, acquired brain injury, degenerative neurological disease, cancer and due to the side effects of a host of both over the counter and prescribed medications and supplements. Because both eating and communication are at the center of our social existence, even minor disorders can have a profound impact on an individual.